I’ll be going LIVE tomorrow at 3PM PST at https://t.co/wEXzIl2ffz from Beaver Dam! Be sure to tune in. You can also watch live at https://t.co/GrB1eLneRX https://t.co/ftPrEtRmAR TomProctorBand photo

I’m going to start going live every Saturday night at 9 PM mountain time 8 PM Los Angeles time which I believe makes it 10 o’clock central time? Who would join me for Saturday night? Just leave a yes if you are up for it. #StayHomeStaySafe #CountryMusic #TomProctorBand https://t.co/3jgfns8Lhv TomProctorBand photo

There were over 400 motorcycles involved in the making of this video! Take the virtual tour -- it's a joy ride! https://t.co/ZD9DceKteY

This is not political just facts I have to say I have seen a lot of people in our country can’t get Covid test. Just not available. But when cases show up at the White House Trump announces they are going from texting once a week to testing everyone in the White House daily!!

Climbed the red mountains to play in this beautiful spot! Join me tonight LIVE at 7pm MST on https://t.co/5cyR3qmEkn and https://t.co/GrB1eLneRX for some live music on your Saturday night. Also, be sure to subscribe below to my YouTube! https://t.co/ZYe9raM2T3

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