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John Prine RIP a great singer songwriter will be missed #StayHomeStaySafe #countrymusic #TomProctorBand

Anyone that doesn’t take Covid19 seriously and doesn’t like this please unfriend me. There are things we can do something about and things we can do nothing about. This is one we can do something about.

Do we really need politicians to tell us to stay home? How many people that are under 60 and healthy need to die before we take this shit seriously? #StayHomeStaySafe #CountryMusic #TomProctorBand

Went live on Facebook yesterday to play some songs and tell some stories for everyone. In case you missed it, it's now available on YouTube where you can subscribe for more videos!

I am doing FB live on Tom Proctor Band fb page today at 11 o’clock Pacific standard time and 10 o’clock Mountain time go like and follow Tom Proctor band on Facebook so you can watch. Also on Instagram @tomproctorband

Hey everyone! Not able to go Live but got some quick updates and a big announcement! Let me hear from you and tell me how you’re doing. Stay safe! 👍

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