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A little update from last night, see you all this afternoon at Dougs Automotive from 2pm-4pm in Santa Clara, Utah! https://t.co/jKkyjzwouO

Loading up and getting ready for tomorrow night’s parking lot show! Watch for details and come out for some live music! 🎸 https://t.co/aR8c5nDQPS

This Friday from 2pm-4pm I’ll be at Doug’s Master Auto Care! Come by and hang out for a while! https://t.co/PzbByf1ZQG TomProctorBand photo

Check me out on AIM Country Music Television on your Roku and Fire TV! Now available! https://t.co/FBKXRA32Hr

This Friday on AIM Country Music TV on ROKU. Be sure to tune in and spread the word! https://t.co/1nq5yLkuOx TomProctorBand photo

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