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Actor, Producer, Director, Writer �Birth of a Nation �Nashville � Guardians of the Galaxy � 12 years of Slave �325067Lawless � Django Unchained
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Please join us fb live next Tuesday Aug 13 at 6 pm pst. Be ready to toast the working men and women of America. With the online release of the working man music video #workingman #bikerlife #cowboy #countrymusic #hollywood #tomproctorband

Hey everyone, my new music video the Working Man is finally complete. With the turmoil our country is in, this is a must watch. It is dedicated to the working men and women of America and reminds all of us that this great country belongs to us. TomProctorBand photo

If you are in the area, come on by and say hello! You’re invited! #tomproctorband #countrymusic #bikerlife TomProctorBand photo

I am a biker as much as a cowboy. Freedom and grabbing the most I can get out of life is really what I live for. I traded my horses for harley's when I moved to LA because they are easier to keep in a studio apartment. This song I wrote with my dear friend Stephen Wrench he will

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